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Bugged Out!, Phantasy & DURRR are proud to present: Erol Alkan 10 Hour Set – The Final Marathon
@ FIRE London, 28 March 2013

Since 2008 Erol Alkan and Easter Thursday have meant one thing: his marathon set. Starting in ’08 with five hours, he has added an hour each year with the series now reaching its logical conclusion in double figures.

The final Easter marathon set – presented by Bugged Out & Durrr – takes place on Thursday March 28th as Erol plays continuously from 9pm – 7am. Erol is one of a few London DJs who is up to such a task, any one who listens to his 6 Music show or has bent an ear to his Bugged Out Mix/Bugged In Selections from 2005 and 2012 know his record boxes go deeper than most. There aren’t many DJs who can play Bugged Out as well as Horse Meat Disco, play lengthy psych sets as Beyond the Wizards Sleeve and also headline festival stages. The 10 hour set will reflect all this including his history at the helm of the Trash club at The End.

As is tradition the first part of the set begins in candlelight with Erol playing anything from beat-less ambience to psych and disco dubs. The journey then wends its way through techno, house, vintage disco with the odd pop and rock classic thrown in. Last year was incredible with a full ‘floor baying for more at the close.

This will be the last Easter marathon so don’t miss it. Fire have a rather fine Function One sound system for Erol to play on this year too.

£10 early bird tickets are now available HERE

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  1. Josh Delman

    that is a really dope poster — is it for sale?

  2. AMAZING /°/°

  3. Josh Delman

    I'm glad you guys put comments on here. Seems like a great way for the people who run the site to communicate with fans of Erol Alkan.

  4. Impossible. No human can do that.

  5. I AM IN! And with love. x

  6. Sounds horrific … yeah, go on then. Anyone else?

  7. i reckon we can get a nice crew. gonna be special!

  8. Ollie Pressey what you saying?

  9. I'm en France that weekend :( big rave weekend before though

  10. Mark Muldoon

    Early bird tickets sold out. So the only way in now is to queue on the door sadface?

  11. Jonny Slot


  12. Done x Sally Vinson Pollyanna Sabin.

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