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Five Songs You Must Hear This Week: Crazy P

Part Fourty-One. With one of the best live dance music shows on the planet, Crazy P have been leaving their mark on the landscape of British dance music for the last 15 years. This was the year that brought together James Baron and Chris Todd. It was the era of Ataris, Akais and bedroom studios and, through their love of bending and reshaping old records from many different genres, a production partnership was born in the backstreets of Nottingham…

After a couple of releases under various different monikers, the work attracted the ears of deep house label Paper Recordings based in Manchester and the creature that is Crazy P was born. Their first four albums, coupled with the addition of live band members Tim Davies, Matt Klose, and the vocals of the inimitable Danielle Moore saw Crazy P gain acclaim, record sales, DJ gigs, and most pertinently, live shows, across the world.

Equally at home on huge outdoor festival stages in Australia or basement sweatboxes in East London, Crazy P have made their name with a unerring combination of lushly structured songs and live power, whilst never forgetting their roots on the dance floors of the late 90s’ house, disco, and soul clubs. Just released on 2020 Vision, the brand new album ‘When We On’ is already being hailed as one of their finest – and you can stream it here. Boom!


Incredibly rhythmic and sexual music with Prince at his best here both lyrically and musically. No holds barred and with a superior live interpretation of the Sign of the Times album -an 80′s smoke filled dark night neon lit backdrop with his dancer Cat fuelling the eye candy department!


Outkast managed to maintain a balance of tongue in cheek style and quality music throughout their productions. Uniquely dressed and intriguing song titles this track has an instant hook and the video deliciously hypnotic


We caught The Cures live performance at Bestival last year and were all blown away. Such an incredible pop band and timeless songs-this being wonderfully spacious with beautifully melodic guitars and strings and with a slightly sinister video…adorable


They have brought back sexy music which means theres less aggro on the dancefloor! Melodic vocals, deep synths tinged with a dark edged rhythm . Harmonies galore with a hypnotic vid to boot!


We love Lidell! From his techno experimental days to more soul tinged looped grooves and retaining an amount of eccentricity he has captured our imagination. He loves his music and you can visually see that which is essential in bonding with his cause. I wont get technical-cos I cant-he’s just shit hot!!!

Crazy P are headlining KOKO (London) on March 17th – don’t miss it!
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