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Five Songs You Must Hear This Week: Jaymo & Andy George

Part Fourty-Five. Jaymo & Andy George have taken their insatiable appetite for electronic music and turned it into their entire world – and that world is Moda. Since launching in 2008 Moda has spectacularly evolved from an intimate gathering of friends to thousands of people loosing themselves in abandoned theatres, industrial warehouses, exotic boats and global superclubs. But whilst the venues keep changing the essence stays the same; the freshest electronic music and the worlds best DJ’s, all wrapped-up in what feels like the best house party you’ve ever been to…

After arriving on the scene with such gusto the boys soon caught the attention of BBC Radio 1, who suggested broadcasting a live set at Moda. In April 2009 they did exactly that and Jaymo & Andy became two of the youngest people to ever record a live Essential Mix, kickstarting their ongoing partnership with the BBC’s dance music fraternity. After their parties erupted the Moda Music record label launched, providing a home for their ever growing stable of artists. Much like their DJ sets the label simply focuses simply on cool electronic music. From bands such as Fenech-Soler and Polarsets to the cutting-edge productions of Shake Aletti and Tom Staar. Moda Music has quickly established itself as one of the UK’s most exciting independent imprints, cementing its reputation with their debut compilation CD in Spring 2011.

2011 has seen the Moda studios become fully established, allowing the guys to hone their own unique sound before launching their Night Music EP series (the name came about during an interview when they were asked to define their music, keen to avoid classification they simply answered ‘it’s basically night music!’). Night Music II EP came out towards the end of last year, and Night Music II EP REMIXES is out today on Moda Music, with some sick remixes from SCNTST, Coin Operated Boy & Worthy – click here to buy it!

Exciting? it never stops…2012 will be the biggest year in Moda history, with massive events at Space Ibiza and Fabric London, pop-up parties in places ‘they can’t even describe’, a host of amazing new signings to the label and an explosion of original J&AG material…and this is just the stuff we can tell you about!


Something I came across whilst going through records well before DJ-ing became a career. It’s basically the perfect 80′s Pop record. We even managed to play it a couple of times at We Love…Space last Summer and it sounded amazing!


Jaymo – I remember hearing Pete Tong play this when I was about 12. I was sat in the back of my parents car, zipping up the motorway in the dark, on the way to my Grandma’s. I don’t know why, but that memory has stuck forever. I was already listening to rave stuff, but there was something about this track that grabbed me. My obsession with house music, and the likes of Todd Edwards, Todd Terry and Masters at Work, pretty much started on that day.


So many amazing records came from the early 00′s when Electroclash was king. The pristine production, the gorgeous melodies, the flamboyant parties. Although this isn’t strictly Electroclash it was certainly one of my favourite records from that period and melts me every time. Ewan is such a boss!


We’re big fans of Worthy and have been wanting to get him on remix duties for a while. We gave him the parts for Inhaler and he smacked it right up, Westcoast style. Sound immense in the club!


One of the artists we’re most excited about for 2012. His next single on Futureboogie is so good, but sadly there isn’t an online link for it yet. He’s making amazing house records, with real soul; and his EP on Need Want recordings is one of the strongest 3 tracks we’ve heard all year. This track is a collaboration with DRW aka Dan Williams, a fellow We Love Space Resident, and we’ve put it on nearly every mixtape we’ve done the past few months.

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