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Five Songs You Must Hear This Week: Pitchben

Part Fifty-One. The story of Pitchben is one about consistency. It’s the 80s. A young boy is growing up to the soundtrack of Electro Funk, drawing influence from the likes of Jackson, The Whispers and D-Train and developing a genuine passion for music. Around 20 years later in 2011, this boy is releasing his debut album “Pitchslap” on Compost Records…

This root of funk has been a constant since his childhood. Exploring new territories in the 90s Pitchben, known as ‘M-Tech’ at the time, started to deejay and produce at the young age of 13. Working the turntables like an instrument, he became one of the key figures in the world of Scratching and Turntablism. In 2002 he won the German DMC finals with a scratched interpretation of “Break Machine – Street Dance”. Since this rather intense excursion Pitchben is focusing on production, sounddesign and audio engineering, crafting as well his own music but also coproducing the works of other artists such as 6 time DJ World Champion ‘Rafik’. Unsatisfied with the homestudio-path that has been taken by most contemporary music it is now his mission to not only bring back that authentic 80s sound, but to join the authentic production style of that era with a modern touch.

Real scores for authentic string and brass sections were recorded by top notch musicians while the featured vocalists (Adriano Prestel, Jason Jackson & Tapprik Sweezee) present skill levels easily comparable to those of 80s singers.This teams up with huge synths and drums, creating the fresh big sound that can only be produced in a modern studio environment. In 2010 Compost Records signed Pitchben for a full length album immediately after receiving only a two track demo.

His new single ‘Stand Up’ is out now on Compost Records, with remixes from Tiger and Woods / Runaway & Sportloto – click here to buy it



Siriusmo in my opinion is some kind of a modern Mozart – he shows his incredible skills and kills it on this one. I discovered this song only some months ago and I know I will still get goosebumps from it in 10 years!


What a great debut! I’m really feelin that bassline and the chords which get rounded up perfectly by a great vocal samplE…the whole tune is some kind of perfect fusion between house and disco!


This remix is the bomb! Lorenz grabs all the fatness of the 80s electrofunk era and brews it to one high concentrated liqueur shot that will just knock you out… If you like electrofunk, this tune is a must!!


James Mtume, who is also the producer of the famous classic Mtume – “Juicy Fruit” (which was sampled in Notorious BIG’s hiphop classic “Juicy”) did the production on this one! Next to some songs from The System, this is one of the most heavy beats I have heard from the 80s!


Basically this is “just” one of my most favorite classic disco tunes, but if you skip forward to 04:23 you will hear one of the best musical breakdowns in funk/disco music I have ever heard… this has been so inspiring for me, especially for PITCHSLAP!

Pitchben on Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud // Official Website

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