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DURRR Special: Canblaster Interview

For the next party (19 April 2012) DURRR returns to the intimate surrounding of The Nest to welcome Canblaster & Sam Tiba, who we have been wanting to put on for ages. Joining them will be DURRR’s amazing resident Rory Phillips.

Joined by Panteros666 and MYD, Canblaster and Sam form Club Cheval, one of the most inventive, productive, inspiring and glamourous DJ crews out there. If you don’t know google it, you will soon understand. For this party we are offering a concession list to our loyal Durrr following, simply email your full name and email address too (£3 Concession, £5 on the door)

We caught up with Canblaster for this exclusive interview…boom!

Hello Cedric! first of all, how are you today?
Im peaching, how are YOU ?

I’m great, thank you! you’re coming back to London to play at DURRR with Sam Tiba – you’re both members of the Club Cheval, how did you meet the rest of the crew?
I did studies with Myd, who had a band in Lille, he asked me for a remix, then we started mixing together in clubs, and I backed him up as keyboard player later when he couldn’t tour because of his school. Sam Tiba and Panteros666 did studies together, then somehow our path crossed through a mysterious man named Jean

Do you find it easier or harder to work with close friends?
It’s easier to communicate sometimes, but your friends know you so well that you always have to take it one step higher to impress them with your tracks. and I guess that’s how you get stronger.

Are you working on any remixes or original tracks at the moment?
Just finished a remix for Surkin, I couldn’t choose a single track out of his album so he gave me 5 or 6 tracks so I could choose samples and do a megamix.

What gear/software do you use in your studio?
Ableton, and hardware synths, plugins, all mixed up together through eqs, tables, compressors…I like trying different combinations everytime I do a track.

What was the moment you saw things really start to take off?
In late 2010 when people started playing my tracks, especially Jetpack. I remember Teki Latex, Diplo, Sinden, Feadz, Brodinski and Busy P were the first ones. Being asked for a new remix every week, and then the first US Tour a few month later.

What’s happening in music right now that excites you?
Marble, Jersey Club Music, Jimmy Edgar, Nightslugs…I mostly listen to older music so…the new Untold is good too.

When you’re in England, do you have any specific things to do or places you like to visit?
Usually when I stay there it’s for studio time, last time I went to Mumdance place, then Riton’s, recorded a bunch of stuff that we still have to finish. And next time Im going to Erol’s to work on this track.

Finally, if the world does come to an end in the year 2012 and you’re DJing, what would be your closing track?
O.T Quartet – Hold this Sucker Down

DURRR w/Canblaster, Sam Tiba & Rory Phillips
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